How To Find The Best Acting Schools In Lucknow To Learn Acting?

As we all know, the search for a Good Career is arduous today as many career options are available in the market and more than 10 career counsellors are present. Therefore searching for a Good Career counsellor is 10 times more difficult than searching for a good career. Even every student can search for a good career by himself or herself by giving his or her search a scientific angle.

In today’s scenario, a very large proportion of students are opting for film, television and Media industry as their main career or alternative career. We can understand this by seeing lakhs and lakhs of youngsters are today busy making reels of social media handles like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Not only youngsters but males and females of all age groups and all geographical locations be it urban or rural, India or abroad, hilly, plain, plateau or islands and in all languages are making reels and vedios for entertainment, promotional, social etc purposes. 

This scenario is not only increasing the number of newcomers in the field but also increasing the competition. therefore to be in competition and become a known name in the field of Professional Training is very important.

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In a city like Lucknow, there are many options available to take professional training in the field of acting ,films and entertainment. 

So the new question arises if someone wants to become an actor and opt for a good acting training institute what should be the criteria to find out Best Acting School to  Learn ACTING in Lucknow? 

1. How Old the acting School is?

There is an Old Saying “OLD IS GOLD”, It is always advisable while choosing the Best Academy in Lucknow that you check the time of Establishment and choose the oldest Acting School as they generally provide the traditional way of acting training in Lucknow and even for the Best Acting School in Lucknow.

For Example,

In Lucknow, there are around 25 Acting institutes that provide training in either film acting or theatre acting, among them only 5 institutes provide camera/Film acting training and the rest do theatre acting. Among them, Bhartendu Natak Academy (2 July 1975), Opulent School of Acting and Films (15 May 2011) Mumbai Film Institute (2015), and Bharat Film Academy (2017) are the oldest and rest all other Acting Academies established in Post Corona Lockdown. 


If we apply the Filter then the oldest Acting Training School is BNA but there is a technical problem as BNA delivers drama Training and a no Doubt an excellent place for Theatre training as Nawaj Ud Din Siddhique, Rajpal Yadav and some big names in the industry who are the Alumni of the Institute but 99.5percent  of the pass outs from BNA are into theatres only 0.5% are into Cinema. Then we go to the Second Option which is the Opulent School of Acting and Films established on 15th May 2015 is the BEST FILM ACTING SCHOOL AVAILABLE IN LUCKNOW for Media Acting Training.

2. Who are the owners of the Acting schools and what are their main competencies, production or training?

There is an old saying that if we want to judge the Greatness of the Army we must See the Generals of that Army. And same applies to any Acting School. If we continue with the Previous examples the Owner of BNA is a Trust established by the Society Act and the owners of Opulent School of Acting and Films are Mr . Manish  Nandan, Mr Nitish Nandan, and the late Mr Alopi Verma and their core competency are Acting Training and they are Acting Gururs for the Past 20 years.

3. What is the course Structure?

The course structure is the most important thing, Both institutes i.e. BNA and Opulent School of Acting and Films have an excellent course structure in their respective fields ie Drama and Film acting. The Film Acting course for the Opulent School of Acting and Films is Designed by a technical panel consisting of panellists from Alumni of the National School of Drama and Film and Television Institute of India headed by world Famous actor Shri Alok Nath.

As a young and aspiring actor, you must be clear about what you are planning to train for film acting or Drama.

4. Who are the faculties?

As we all know a good engineer doesn’t need to be a good trainer or teacher.

Most IITians are selected for the examinations by non-IITians. Therefore always search for good acting trainers rather than a good actor in an Acting Academy.


5. Are they giving training for Camera Acting or Drama?

Choose Camera Acting Course Structure if you want to go on Screen and Drama Course Structure for Theatre Acting. Most of the Students search for film institutes near me, diploma courses near me, acting school in Vikas Nagar, acting school in Gomtinagar, acting school in Kapoorthala, acting classes near me, acting academy near me, acting schools near me, drama classes near me, acting course near me, theatre classes near me, best acting classes near me, acting classes in near me. They don’t best course structure for acting training.

6. How many hours of Camera Acting training the institute is delivering?

If we take the above example for consideration BNA provides 10 hours of practical sessions for Camera acting but at the Opulent School of Acting and Films, more than 150 Hours of Practical Sessions are conducted during the Diploma.

7. How many students have passed since its establishment and what are they doing now?

8. Always Opt for the best Acting institute and Best Film Acting Gurus even if they are located at a good distance from your Residential Destination.

9. The methodology of Film Acting Training is also Important.

A perfect acting Training School Always adopts the Modern form of training too with the Traditional form which is the best way to train.

10. Fees should be considered in the last when you apply filters related to Quality of Training and still you have two options left.